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5 Things To Look For When Choosing a Private Event Venue

1. Customized Food & Beverage: When choosing a venue for your private event, it’s important to select a location that offers food & beverages packages that are completely customizable at no extra charge. Here at The West End, we understand that your event will have a wide range of guests. This means that you need the option to choose the proper food & beverages to meet the preferences of those guests. Having a variety will keep your guests happy and ensure a successful event!


2. Location: The location of your event is crucial. If you’re having an after party or reception, you will want a location in close proximity to your main event. Or if you have guests coming from different areas, you may want to pick a central location to make it convenient for everyone. The West End is located a block west of the Houston Galleria. We are in close proximity to I-610, I-10 and US 59. Being close to major highways is important to guarantee that your guests have easy access to the venue, especially if they are driving from a further distance.


3. Venue Fees: Fees can add up very quickly. Try to look for a venue that does not charge a venue fee to help with savings. The West End does not charge a venue fee, however, if you are renting the entire pub there may be a minimum. If you are not sure if the venue charges a fee, be sure to ask before making any commitments.


4. Good Layout and Capacity: It is very important to choose a venue that can accommodate the size of your event. Having a good layout plays a huge role in the event’s success. If you are planning to have a DJ and dance floor, make sure there is a designated area to ensure that the layout can accommodate these features. A good sound system is vital for most events. The West End has hosted almost every type of event and our venue is versatile enough to suit any features your event may need. We have an excellent sound system, stage and dance floor built in. We also have a beautiful patio that features a covered and uncovered space. To get a better look at our space, please visit our Private Parties page to view the 360 Virtual Tour or stop by anytime during business hours.


5. Entertainment Options: Most events require entertainment for their guests! There are a variety of options to consider when choosing the entertainment for your event. Most importantly, you want to choose a venue that can accommodate these entertainment features. Here at The West End, we have had DJ’s, karaoke, casino tables, mechanical bulls, photobooths and more. You will have the option to add on any of these and more. Our guests love that we can truly tailor each event to meet their needs.


If you have any questions or would like to book an event with us, please send an email to: smoosavi@westend-houston.com.

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